Tool Room & Production Machinery


CNC Siemens 840 D Solution Line. New: 1994. Modernized with new CNC etc 2018.
Rotary table 2.500 x 2.500, 30 Tons, ATC 100, Cooling and Air Through Spindle, Pick up station for Angle head. DÀndrea U Tronic 5-630-S and Spindle Extension. Ø 225x1200mm


X Column travel 8.000 mm
Y Headstock vertical travel 3.000 mm
Z Ram, 350 x 400 mm, stroke 1.000 mm
W spindle stroke 1.000 mm
W+Z 2.000 mm
Spindle diameter 150 mm
Spindle Speed 4 - 2.500 rpm
Spindle diameter 150
Spindle Taper ISO 50
Spindle Pulling DIN 69872-A
Spindle motor 60 kW
Rotary Table size 2.000 x 2.500 mm
Table travel 2.000 mm
Table load 30 ton
C-axes 360 000°
Infinitely Feeds X, Y, Z, W, Z 3 - 5.000 mm/min
Rapid Feeds X, Y, Z, W, Z 10.000 mm/min
2 pcs Floorplates, each 4.000 x 1.500 x 250 mm

DÀndrea U Tronic 5-630-S

DÀndrea U Tronic 5-630-S, U-Axes

DÀndrea U Tronic 5-630-S

Spindle Extention. Ø 225x1200mm


SACEM Specs.pdf

SACEM Table Specs

SACEM Table, Specs.pdf

SACEM Foundation drawing

SACEM, Foundation.pdf

SACEM Spindle Extension.

SACEM Spindle Extension.pdf