Tool Room & Production Machinery

DÖRRIES SCHARMANN VCE 2400/200 MC FC CNC Vertical Borer.

CNC Vertical Borer with Live Drilling and Milling spindle.

Two Pallets diameter 2.000 mm. C-axes 360.000 degrees.
ATC for 40 Capto C6 tools and 80 SK 50 tools. Pick up station for 12 Heads,
Cooling through Spindle. Built 1999.
Hydrostatic bearing on cross rail and support.

With Anglehead, Many Tools and Toolholders.


Pallet diameter 2.000 mm
Max. Swing 2.520 mm
Turning Heigth 2.045 mm
Distance table to tool holder 2.260 mm
Distance table to angle head center 2.060 mm
Table speeds, stepless 1,25-250 rpm
Table torque 26 650 Nm
Table load capacity 15.000 kg
Table motor master / slave 60 kW
Vertical support, 250 x 250 mm, Vertical Travel 1.500 mm
Live spindle, CAT 50, speeds 10-3.000 rpm
Live spindle torque 900 Nm
Live spindle motor 30 kW
Crossrail, Vertical travel 900 mm
Machine weight 60.000 kg

Renishaw Probe

Anglehead for SK 50

Toolholder for Capto C6

Anglehead for Capto C6

Anglehead for SK 50

DÖRRIES VCE Technical Specs

Dörries VCE 2400, Specs.pdf

DÖRRIES VCE Overall Drawing

Dörries VCE 2400, Overall.pdf

DÖRRIES VCE Foundation Drawing

Dörries VCE 2400, Fundament.pdf