Tool Room & Production Machinery

Skoda SK-50A Vertical Boring Mill. Built 1972

Table diameter 4.750 mm, 45 ton.
Turning diameter 5.200 mm.
Turning height 3.200 mm.

Working Capacity

Table Diameter 4.750 mm
Table Weight Capacity 45 Ton
Table Motor, GE Variable Speed Drive 80 kW
Table Speeds (Inf. Variable) 0.33 - 32.8 RPM
Max Turning Diameter-Rams 5,180 mm
Distance between the columns 5.200 mm
Max Height Under Cross Rail 3.260 mm
Max height under tool 3.050 mm
Left Ram Vertical Travel 1,400 mm
Left Ram Horizontal Travel 2,960 mm
Right Ram Vertical Travel 1.400 mm
Right Ram Horizontal Travel 2,960 mm
Vertical Ram Swivel +/- 30 to 45 Degrees
Feeds (15) 0.005 - 11 mm/rev

Approx dimensions machine

Front to back 8,370 mm
Left to right 12,600 mm
Height 9,890 mm
Machine Weight 134 Ton

Equipped with

Two Swivelling Ram Heads
Side Head
2-Axis Newall DP7 Digital Readout System
Threading Attachment Inch/Metric
Electronic Tracer
Conical Turning
Constant Surface Cutting Speed
Hydrostatic Table Bearings
Pendant Control
Chip conveyor