Tool Room & Production Machinery

POMINI CNC Roll Grinder

Model HD-425-2-7L

Siemens 840D, 12 Axes.
Built 2006.
Two flatbed system grinding and workpiece ways are separate.

Machine accuracy.
Straightness 0.001-0.002 mm/m.
Roundness 0.001-0.002 mm.
Excentricity 0.002 mm.
Profile for crown height up to 0.1 mm ±0.002 mm/m.
Surface finishing without chatter marks and no feed marks after finishing grinding stage.

On independent bed:
Auto Caliper Diameter 870 - 2.250 mm.
Eddy current crack and bruise detector probe.
Ultrasound depth Probe until 180 mm.

High Pressure wheel cleaner.
Wheel dynamic balancing electromagnetic automatically or manually.
Wheel dressing device with diamond.
2 Hydrostatic Steadies.
2 Hydrodynamic Steadies.
4 Soft landing for rools.
Wheel quick change device incl motor.
Jib crane.

Vibrations Measurement, recording on:
Headstock base
Wheel head
Wheel head back
Carriage Lateral side.

Working Capacity.

Grinding length 11.000 mm
Max diameter with 1.066 mm Grinding wheel 2.200 mm
Min diameter with 1.066 mm Grinding wheel 800 mm
Center distance 11.700 mm
Max Roll weight 80 Ton
Max Roll weight with Steadies 180 Ton
Min distance between wheel center and roll axis 845 mm
Max distance between wheel center and roll axis 1.635 mm

Carriage Axis Z, Hydrostatic

Feeds, Infinitely variable 0-6.000 mm/min
Oil film thickness 0,020 mm
Distance between carriage ways 1.500 mm
Ways width 160 mm
Total length of the carriage on ways 3.385 mm

Wheelhead on Carrige Axis X, Wheel Probe Axis A, Inspektor Axis A1,

Wheelhead cross travel Ballscrew, Axis X 940 mm
Resolution axis X 0,0001 mm
Wheel Spindle length 1.695 mm
Spindle bearing, hydrostatic, diameter 254 mm
Resolution Infeed micrometer handwheel, Axes X 0,00001 mm / division
Continuous wheel infeed, U axis on radius 0 - 0,35 mm/min
Rapid wheel indeed, axes X 0-830 mm/min
Wheel motor, AC 130 kW
Wheel Speed 400-1.100-1.600 rpm
Wheel Cutting Speed infinitely variable
Surface speed wheel diameter 1.066 mm 45 m/sec
Surface speed wheel diameter 670 mm 45 m/sec
Wheel hole, diameter 508 mm
Wheel thickness 76 - 152 mm
Wheel diameter 670 - 1.066 mm

Crowning, Axis U.

Max crown on the diameter 10 mm
Max concavity on the diameter 10 mm


Workpiece rotating speed 5 - 50 rpm
Headstock motor 200 kW
Max transmissible torque 76,5 kNm
Faceplate control system V Belts
Max Centre diameter, metric type 160 mm
Stroke of Quill 150 mm
Length of headstock 3.110 mm

Tail stock

Quill diameter 260 mm
Stroke of quill 750 mm
Maximum centre diameter, metric type 160 mm
Taper Metric 5% on the diameter
Tailstock length 1.300 mm
Stroke of tailstock 8.000 mm

Caliper, Arm Axis C, Carriage Axis V, Rotation Axis B.

Max measurable diameter 2.250 mm
Min measurable diameter 870 mm

Machine Dimensions.

Machine weight 130 Ton
Length 19,5 m.
Width 5,5 m.
Height 3,2 m.
Foundation depth 3,8 m.


POMINI Manuals.pdf