Tool Room & Production Machinery

Froriep Spheromill P

Propeller mill simultaneously machines two propeller blades.
For Propeller, Impeller and other complex shaped components.
The fastest way to machine two blades.

SIEMENS 840 D 5-axes on each Spindle.
2 Milling spindle 25 kW, ATC 2 x 12
Max Propeller diameter 7 m, Max blade weight 8 Ton.
With semi-automatic suction cup for holding blades.
CE marked. 1998.


Feeds for each Milling Spindle.

X, Horizontal travel 3.080 mm
Y, Vertical travel 1.300 mm
A-axes, Milling head, Fork-head +/- 90°
Feeds Milling head, Fork-head 720° / min
B-axes, Milling head +/- 120°
Feeds Milling head 720° / min
Spindle Speed 2.000 rpm
Spindle taper ISO 50
Spindle motor 25 kW
Spindle Torque 180 kpm
Milling Spindle Diameter 120 mm
Automatic tool changer 12 Tools
Rapid traverse all axes 10.000 mm/ min

Machine Specs

C-axes, Faceplate +/-180°
C-axes, Faceplate Feeds 360° / min
Suction cup, stroke 520 mm
Suction cup, force 100 kg
Machine weight ca 100 Ton

SIEMENS 840 D, 5 axes.

Master Spindel.

Master Spindel.

Master Spindel.

Face plate.

Face plate for Master Spindel.

Head for faceplates

Slave Spindel.

Slave Spindel.

Slave Spindel.

Slave Spindel.

Face plate fixtures.

ATC 12 Slave side

Positioning Suction Cups

ATC 12 Master side

Suction Cups

Drawing of machine before modernization 1998.